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Gluten Sensitivity Support

Devigest 180c
Devigest 90c
Similase GFCF 120c

Peer-reviewed published studies in 2011 by the most respected scientists in the field state that 1:15 of the American population is gluten sensitive. The actual incident rate is probably higher than that but even at only 1:15, this is an extraordinary revelation. If you have any chronic illness or autoimmune disorder, getting checked for gluten sensitivity should be next on your list.

We want to help you succeed in your battle against autoimmune disorders and inflammation with your gluten-free diet.

For a more complete information about gluten sensitivity see Gluten Resources.

From Enzymes-HCl to Glutenza, our FloraGenix can help you with your gluten intolerance so that your body can begin to heal. We use these products ourselves here at OVitaminPro to help in the recovery process.