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Radiation Exposure Support

After the nuclear plant problems in Japan we had a lot of requests for help with radiation protection. Most experts agreed that the risk to those across the Pacific was negligible. Negligible refers to the radiation we are exposed to on a regular basis in our normal environment. We are exposed to radon, cosmic rays from the stars, uranium degradation from your granite counter tops and even some gamma rays from space on a regular basis. It certainly doesn’t hurt to take some simple precautions in the form of homeopathic Radialgin from Professional Formulas.

Did you know that we are exposed to radon, cosmic rays from the stars, uranium degradation in granite countertops, and even gamma rays from space on a regular basis? Radiation is present everywhere and while you can limit your exposure to some degree by practicing a healthy lifestyle and using safety precautions in your environment, there are still things you can't prevent exposure to. To shield yourself from the radiation you are exposed to every day, consider taking a homeopathic radiation protection supplement from our selection.

Radiation protection supplements, like Radiation Oral Spray, help to ease the symptoms that can result from radiation exposure, including fatigue, anemia, and thyroid problems. Depending on your exposure levels, you may also want to consider other methods of radiation protection. If you have any questions about radiation exposure, consult a healthcare professional or give us a call. We can give you more information about radiation protection supplements, like RadTox, and how they can play into a healthy lifestyle. 

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