U.S Enzymes Hedron EMF Shield (1 sticker shield)

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Product Description

U.S. Enzymes Hedron EMF Shield measures 1 inch, square to stick to small devices. Protects over 99.95% of radiation emitted from mobile devices. Proven to reduce mobile phone's heat radiation by over 80%. Now able to enjoy hours of working on a laptop and talking on a mobile phone with no long term harmful effects. Wireless technology exposes us to ppotential health hazards. Hedron EMF Protectove Devices is a frequency harmonizing chip that has been developed using a unique combination of minerals plus Scalar Energy Embedding. When adhered to electronic devices, the EMF Shield protects from the harmful radiation and heat emissions without any negative impacts to the function of phone use or other devices. Mobile phones and other wireless and electronic devices emit electromagnetic radiation (EMR). Evidence shows that just a few minutes of mobile phone use begins to heat the brain tissues and can cause changes to cells, a proven precursor to cancer and other health complications. The Hedron EMF protectve devices help to protect from cordless phones, laptops, PC's, microwaves, refrigerators, TV's, gaming devices, ipads, tablets, and many more.
Recommended Use: Stick 1 piece at the back of the Mobile Phone. It is recommended that 2 or more Hedron Protective devices be used on anything larger than a smart phone. Peel Hedron off of pachage and stick on the backside of the Laptop at 3-5 places where heat emission is higher. Do not close heat vents of the Laptop.

Label Information

U.S. Enzymes Hedron EMF Shield contains 1 sticker shield.