U.S Enzymes Hedron Home Harmonizer (1 Harmonizer)

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Product Description

U.S. Enzymes Hedron Home Harmonizer Protects from radiation emitted from cell phone towers, WiFi, dirty electricity, smart meters, geo-magnectic stress and everything related. We are living is a sea of impairmet that is unable to be cleared from our cells. In turn, this causes a continuous downgrade in cellular function and overall health. Wireless technology exposes us to potential health hazards. Hedron EMF Protectove Devices is a frequency harmonizing shield that has been developed using a unique combination of minerals plus Scalar Energy Embedding. When adhered to electronic devices, the EMF Shield protects from the harmful radiation and heat emissions without any negative impacts to the function of phone use or other devices. Mobile phones and other wireless and electronic devices emit electromagnetic radiation (EMR). Evidence shows that just a few minutes of mobile phone use begins to heat the brain tissues and can cause changes to cells, a proven precursor to cancer and other health complications. The Hedron EMF protectve devices help to protect from cordless phones, laptops, PC's, microwaves, refrigerators, TV's, gaming devices, ipads, tablets, and many more.
Recommended Use: The Hedron Home Harmonizer works to completely harmonize the ElectroMagnetic Stress of every form within and around your dwelling place. The most important placements for the HHH are where you or your family members are spending the most time. Our Patent Pending Scalar Technology is proven to shift harmful EMF to beneficial EMF within 1000 square feet of the device-without needing recharging or electricity. Along with a harmonization effect that will last a lifetime, this product is the first of its kind in the world.

Label Information

U.S. Enzymes Hedron Home Harmonizer 1 harmonizer. The Hedron Home Harmonizer is 4 inches in diameter and 1/2 inch thick