7 Key Facts About Supplements

7 Key Facts About Supplements

Posted by DSDC on Oct 5th 2023

Optimum health requires optimum nutrition

This first statement seems obvious but much has been written to the contrary when it comes to dietary supplements. You might read that you get all the nutrition you need from a healthy diet. We have known for decades that supplements like vitamin C, vitamin D, Coenzyme Q10 and EPA/DHA are difficult to obtain in any decent diet. We base our opinion on our own healthpicture and also decades of looking at pre and post blood testing. The better you can optimize your physiology, the better chance you have for good health. Supplements can make a huge difference here.

Cheap vitamins are cheap for a reason.

Vitamin companies have many choices for raw materials that make up their supplements. You generally pay according to the quality of the raw materials. A broker might have a couple of containers of vitamin ingredients to move and will demand a higher price for those willing to pay more for quality.

Companies that work hard to be the cheapest will opt for the cheaper raw ingredients. Also when cheap vitamins are assayed, it is common to find the active ingredients are missing or are in very low quantities and that is different from the stated information on the label.

Neuroscience learned decades ago that they had to assay every single batch of raw ingredients to make sure that they were getting the active ingredients they needed to have an effective product. You can bet that this practice is not common for cheap vitamin companies.

Why We Choose Reputable Brands

Selling cheap counterfeits is too common

It is bad enough that you can’t trust cheap vitamins but too often counterfeits are showing up, especially on sites like Amazon. The NOW vitamin company has seen many of their products counterfeited and sold on Amazon. On analysis, the capsules contained rice flour. No wonder they looked like a good deal. Most disturbing is that Amazon is very slow to remove the counterfeit products.

You won’t have this risk when you buy from a reputable site like OVitaminPro.com. We get our products ONLY from established channels and most often from the manufacturer directly.

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Each person tends to require a different regimen

What you might need is generally unique to you. It will take some experimenting to get this just right. Also what is best for you can be a moving target due to normal life processes (aging, stresses etc). You can learn more quickly by working with someone experienced in blood testing and vitamins. We can help you with that in NV and CA. Other tests can be helpful like a Nutrahacker report on your DNA. This will give you an idea of what supplements might be helpful from a genetic point of view. Also we like to use other testing like telomere, omega 3 index and maybe neurotransmitter tests.

Omega 3 Index Test

What if my gel caps or fish oil caps are stuck together

We often get inquiries about gel caps getting stuck together. This is especially true in the summer when the temperature in transit might be higher. Before you assume that you will need to ship these back to us, put the bottle of fish oil, vitamin E or whatever you have in the fridge for a few hours, shake up the bottle and the sticking problem should be solved.

What’s with the color, smell and taste variations from bottle to bottle

Vitamins and herbs come from different suppliers at different times and from different locations. Herbs are natural products that will most certainly vary in color, smell and taste. Think of plants in your yard. You might get two of the same kind of plant and end up with flowers that different in size and color but both are normal. So it is with herbs.

Many studies about vitamins are designed to fail

I recommend that you never trust the media to give you decent advice about vitamins. Often a drug-company sponsored study on fish oil or vitamin D (for example) will show that the vitamin being tested does nothing or might even be detrimental. If you want more information on this problem, search Dr. Alex Vasquez (www.academia.edu). I had a good friend call me a couple of years ago worried about some supplement she was taking because she read an article online about the dangers of it. I didn’t explain too much but told her never to take those articles about supplement dangers at face value. The vitamin and supplement industry is one of the safest in the history of the world. It is good to keep in mind that the pharmaceutical industry is not looking for cures but for customers.

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