High Blood Pressure Help

High Blood Pressure Help

Posted by DSDC on Jan 30th 2024

HIgh blood pressure is a common problem. High BP can have many causes and it helps to know your particular situation. The most common issues are clogged arteries, stiff artery walls, age, unknown problems and maybe kidney issues.

I will leave diet for another day and talk about a couple of supplements that can help. I will talk mostly about what I am personally using.

Check Your Blood Pressure Regularly

I am also assuming that you check you own BP regularly. I check mine most days. I have three different Omron automatic monitors and they all seem to agree with each other and with me when I check it manually. Automatic blood pressure units may not be totally accurate but they tend to be very consistent so you can see trends which is what you are most interested in anyway.

My Personal Regimen

For many years I have used a scoop of powder a day (in water) of Pure Encapsulations Nitric Oxide Support. I tested this on my own carotid artery ultrasound exams and found that it cleaned out my mildly clogged arteries and help stabilize my blood pressure. Some people will need more than the one scoop. One person we dealt with years ago had pain on erection. He took several scoops a day for a few months and it calmed his symptoms nicely.

Not everyone will like the powder version or for travel it isn’t that convenient. I take the powder in the a.m. and the Approved Medical Solutions Nitric Oxide caps I the p.m. Adding one cap a day helps keep the NO levels up for a longer period of time.

Unique Blood Pressure Supplement

The other supplement that has worked for me is Everyday Blood Pressure Support. I have been working to resolve a chronic pain problem for the last 15 months and have taken an amazing amount of acetaminophen (Tylenol), ibuprofen (Advil), naproxen sodium (Aleve) along with Excedrin Migraine that contains aspirin, acetaminophen and caffeine. I used a fair amount of NAC (BetterGenix NAC 500mg), that is 2-4 per day depending on how much I was taking. The NAC has really helped keep my liver and kidney happy during this hopefully temporary pain reliever onslaught.

I noticed that the amount of pain and amount of pain killers seemed to make my blood pressure more volatile. Most of the time the NO Support would do the trick but I still needed a little help. The Everyday caps (one in a.m. and one p.m. has leveled out the blood pressure nicely. Now my blood pressure has leveled out to levels from 30 years ago.

Everyday Blood Pressure Support is a unique combination in the marketplace today. It was developed by a person who was having trouble controlling blood pressure with supplements or meds.

Why This Might Work For You

Why could it work for you?? Let’s start with the first listed herb, arjuna. Arjuna comes from the tree with the same name, can be 100 ft tall and the red inner bark has been used for centuries for heart support. It is said to aid in strong heart muscle, healthy arteries and blood flow and platelet health that benefits proper clotting and healing. By these means it helps maintain a healthy circulatory system that shows up in a blood pressure measurement.

Arjuna is also said to help with your emotional state according to Ayurvedic medicine. It is said to be helpful in courage, times of grief, focus to accomplish goals.

Gokshura is another name for Tribulus. This ingredient can help with blood pressure, inflammation, natural help for female reproduction and some antioxidant properties.

Hawthorn berry has typically been used for general cardiovascular health, anticancer properties, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory help.

Punarnava is often referred to as the renewer or rejuvinator. Other names for this plant are: hogweed, tarvine, gadhapurana or spiderling. It is a perennial creeper. This isn’t an obvious herb for the blood pressure formula as it is primarily used for kidney and liver support. It is just another reason that this formula is unique.

Rauwolfia are commonly used for blood pressure support. It works after about 3-6 days and takes a couple of weeks to quit working after termination of use. Some might notice an improved sleep but some have reported increased nightmares.

helps to improve digestion to maintain proper haemoglobin level in your body due to its Pitta balancing, Deepana (appetizer), Pachan (digestion) properties. Punarnava also helps to maintain your overall health due to its Rasayana (rejuvenation) property which further helps reduce the symptoms of anemia.

Shankhpushpi is most commonly used the help with mental focus and to fight depression and anxiety. Other names are: morning glory, speed weed or Aloe weed. It is used to help with cardiac function and lowering lipid congestion in arteries.

Jatamansi is again used to help support normal blood pressure among other things.

I am going to take a capsule at bedtime to see how it works for me for sleep.

This formula is definitely worth a try to help maintain a healthy blood pressure. Nothing good about a stroke.

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