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Blood Test Instructions

Most of the blood tests we order are fasting tests. You will need to follow these simple guidelines to get a proper reading of your body's current state.

A fasting test means: • Nothing to eat for 12 hours before the blood draw • From noon the day before, drink only water that is no sodas, diet or otherwise, no coffee, lemonade etc • No sugar or alcohol including wine and beer the entire day before • Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day before. It is best to keep water handy and keep sipping it. • Be sure to start drinking water upon rising the day of the test. If you aren’t properly hydrated, some of the results will be skewed including kidney tests, electrolytes and some of the hemoglobin tests. • Don’t put anything in your mouth but water the day of the test including toothpaste and gum. These can alter the blood sugar results. We have seen people showing pre-diabetic blood glucose but when retested properly with these guidelines come back in normal range.

We should have the results within a day or two of the blood draw. We enter the tests in our own spreadsheet for analysis and then we will talk. If you don’t hear from us in a week, give us a call at 877-465-0844.

We run a fairly complete panel as it is most cost effective to do it that way. We can then target your body’s needs more efficiently and get you the fastest results. We will need to do periodic tests to make sure we are on the right track. Please be patient. It does take time for your body to respond. We have seen this approach work wonderfully countless times and it can work for you too.

Blood Test Nutrition Brochure pdf
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