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Some researchers say the #1 killer of women over 60 is osteoporosis. Bones become fragile over decades, a hip breaks and sometime in the next several weeks to months the break site throws a clot that travels to the heart resulting in death. Therefore bone health isn't just about looking good and being able to do your favorite activity without worrying about fractures.

If you are having issues with osteopenia or osteoporosis, you should first be checked with Array 3 from Cyrex Labs for gluten intolerance. If that is positive, a gluten free diet may very well save your life. For more complete discussions and videos, see Gluten Resources

Other basics of bone health include proper nutrition including supplementation and weight-bearing exercise. If you are doing all of these, you might want to add a whole body vibrator to your routine.

At, we can help with the nutritional side of things by providing valuable support to your bones. With products like Micellized D3 and other supplements, we can help restore your body's ability to keep bones strong through the use of this and other essential nutrients. With a boost of Vitamin D, your body can build stronger, healthier bones and teeth naturally, as well as aiding in the control of your immune system.

By boosting your levels of the D3 Vitamin, you can help your body better utilize calcium to strengthen bones and teeth, since calcium and Vitamin D3 work in tandem when it comes to bone-building. Plus, with higher Vitamin D levels, you can also prevent many other common health issues.

Other helpful supplements are: Ostera, Micellized D3, or Ostinol from

For more complete discussions and videos, see Health Resources:Bone Health Basics