Athletic Performance Helps

Athletic Performance Helps

Posted by DS DC on Feb 16th 2022

Better Athletic Performance

Looking for that legal edge in your athletic performance? Over time your best strategy for beating your personal bests is to keep healthy. Be sure to work on health basics. For example one noted US cycling team adopted a gluten-free diet for all its cyclists and found they needed less rest time and a general performance increase. You will need to be aware that some foods will cost your body too much so aren't worth eating.

We Like LifeWave Patches

LifeWave Energy Patches ( LifeWave Products) have been used by professional athletes since they hit the market in the early 2000's. Athletes soon discovered that they needed less recovery time between events and general stamina and strength increased. They were first tested on five of the women of a noted college swim team whose coach was the women's Olympic swim coach. He chose to start with a few women who were talented but underachieving. They all set personal bests along with a couple of world records within a couple of weeks. They were having so much success that the NCAA launched an investigation to see what was in the patches. They learned the patches contained only a few simple amino acids and sugars and these were sealed in to they couldn't leach into the body anyway. These amino acids and sugars have been modified with nano-technology to emit very specific signals when activated by the body's own energy fields. This signal in the Energy Patches is to burn more fat. Fat contains more energy than sugars or proteins so the body gets an energy boost.

Your Nitric Oxide Balance Will Make a Difference

The balance of nitric oxide in the body is crucial for just about every phase of your biochemical health. One noted effect of having proper nitric oxide concentrations is an increase in energy and therefore many have found that it can increase athletic performance too. You will want to try taking a teaspoon or so of Pure Encapsulations Nitric Oxide Support before exercising. You should notice the difference that same day.

A Little Bit of Tocotrienols

Tocotrienols are a form of vitamin E that has been shown to be cardio protective and also increases physical stamina. Tocotrienols are inexpensive and you only need a little. For a more complete discussion of tocotrienols basic concepts see Health Resources: Tocotrienols Basics.

You Should Also Try GABA

We also recommend taking GABA a half hour before vigorous exercise. GABA gets absorbed through the pituitary and can produce a noticeable increase in athletic performance. Some researchers claim that GABA regulates muscle tone in human beings. Start with 500 mg of GABA and work up to maybe 2000 mg according to your body's response. Check out NuMedica GABA

We shouldn't overlook the benefits of niacinamide. I won't go into detail as this deserves its own article. See Niacinamide Vs Niacin These great products are great for professional athletes and weekend warriors alike.

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